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Valentine's Day: Individual Chocolate Heart Cakes

Happy Valentines Day to everyone! :)

This will be a really quick post since Zahra has a midterm today that she of course hasn’t studied nearly as much as she should have for. Therefore Zahra is just going to provide a quick recipe for a yummy but easy Valentines day individual heart cakes. Zahra will now stop referring to herself in the 3rd person. 

Valentines day had always been one of my favorite holidays in elementary school. I used to love making valentines for all my classmates and bringing in yummy treats for our valentines day in class party. I remember creating little ‘mail boxes’ for this very occasion, and when we had our parties after lunch time, everyone would go around and put the valentines cards in everyone else’s mailboxes. It was great because my teacher REQUIRED us to make one for EVERYONE in the class, or we weren’t allowed to give them out at all. This way nobody would feel left out. It was loads of fun to go back to your desk and see your ‘mail box’ (made out of construction paper and popsicle sticks) filled with different colored Valentines! 

And the food, oh the food. I guess I was a foodie from an early age…just didn’t know it;) My teacher brought in unfrosted cupcakes and a tub of pink butter cream frosting and different types of sprinkles. We each got to make our own cupcakes – and unlike my fellow classmates who put a reasonable amount of frosting and sprinkles on, in proportion to cupcake- I slathered on – no joke- a good cup full of frosting and a good fistful of sprinkles onto that poor little cupcake. Ahh those were the good times. Where your greatest worry was to have more frosting on your cupcake than Thomas who sits beside you, and to make sure you have all 32 Valentines accounted for.

A simpler time where you didn’t have to worry about a 60 question midterm in 60 minutes on Public Law and the roles of the state through the administrative process…oh how I miss it!

Valentines Day Individual Heart Cakes

* 1 Chocolate Cake baked in a sheet
( I used my go to recipe for chocolate cake here, but you can use your favorite or even a cake mix if you are short on time)
* Coco powder for dusting

Prepare and bake the cake as per instructions and pour into a 13×9x2-inch metal baking pan. Allow to cool Completely. Then using a large heart cookie cutter cut out heart shapes.
If you don’t have a heart cookie cutter than trace one onto a piece of wax paper, and place on to cake. Carefully cut around the template with a knife.

Then place individual cakes on their own pretty dish and sprinkle with coco powder on top through a sifter.


So, do YOU have any fond Valentine’s day memories of a simpler time? :)
Now I have to get back to studying. Wish me luck you guys!

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