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Peach Mousse Cake

I made this mousse cake a few months back but never got around to updating the blog with it. Its another version of my strawberry mousse cake which I made last year and has been very very VERY popular!

I’m planning on making many more variations of the mousse cake since its sooo easy! Your only limitation is your imagination. If any of you make another variation of this recipe please link me! I would love to see :)

This is going to be a very short blog post, just a quick update. I probably wont be updating again until next week because I have a VERY busy week ahead of me (2 assignments due, a resume to do, a career fair and a LOT of readings Ive fallen behind on!!)

But without further adu, here is the recipe:

Peach Mousse Cake:
For Complete recipe and directions for how to make the base and the cream for the mousse etc go to the Strawberry Mousse Cake Recipe

Peach Gele:
400 g fresh peaches, washed, peeled, and diced
100 g water
160 g caster sugar
5 tsp powdered gelatin
400 g cream

Wash and hull the peaches and place in a sauce pan. Add the water, caster sugar, and gelatin and simmer until all the gelatin dissolves. Cool the mixture and blend the mixture in a blender or food processor until the mixture is pureed.

Reserve about a cup of the mixture to pour on top later on.

Then, fold the remaining mixture (as much as you want ….can be half of it or all of it…I prefer to use all for a punch of peach!) into the whipped cream.

And that’s it! Refer back to the strawberry mousse cake recipe for assembly.
Instead of melted chocolate, pour the peach gele and allow to set

And a note! A question that comes up quite often from my strawberry mousse cake is how I get the cream around the SIDE of the cake. For me, the cake always shrinks back a bit, but I also cut around it to get rid of the dry parts. This provides lots of room for the cream!

Recipe Rating:

I would give this a 9.5 stars out of 10!! (highest I've rated anything yet!) It was amazingly good! I personally lovedddd it! The only critique I heard was that it was a bit too peachy, but I didnt mind...its what I was going for! ;)

Gala  – (January 29, 2010 at 2:49 PM)  

Looks gorgeous and sounds delicious!

unmacaronrose  – (January 31, 2010 at 10:53 PM)  

That looks really good. It definitely makes me long for peaches!

LK  – (February 1, 2010 at 9:48 AM)  

Looks lovely! Has inspired me to make a mango mousse cake...maybe for Valentine's Day! Just to clarify, to cover the sides, do you just trim away the cake and ladle in the cream into the gap right in the springform pan?
I have a fairly new blog:
Please visit!

Zahra  – (February 1, 2010 at 10:28 AM)  

Hey LK! sounds yummy! Mango is one I've really liked to try! Let me know if you do :)

and yes you do it as you look at the 5th last want to make it look like that...then put the second slice of cake on top and then make it look like that again :)

Kate at Serendipity  – (February 2, 2010 at 4:43 AM)  

Oh, my. I grew up in Georgia, with lovely peaches. I have to try this one!

Anonymous –   – (February 14, 2010 at 2:33 PM)  

Can you think of any readon why this wouldn't work with white chocolate mousse as opposed to strawberry/peach? Trying to think up a birthday cake involving white chocolate that has to be as light as possible and I think it might fit the bill.

Zahra  – (February 15, 2010 at 2:55 PM)  

hi obsidianembrace !

mmm sounds good! I was actually planning on making a white chocolate version one day (along with mango, cinnamon, mocha, blueberry and sooo many others :P)

I'm not sure about whether it would work or not only because it would be white chocolate, and white chocolate isnt actually 'chocolate' cause of fat content and such. I know it would work with milk or dark chocolate though....

My recommendation: google for white chocolate mousse and then use that instead of my mousse part...and then you can just follow the steps :)

Giro  – (August 22, 2010 at 11:20 AM)  

I made this cake Friday night for a dinner I was having Saturday evening. In hind sight I should have made it the day of the gathering as the cake itself was drier than I would have liked (although I may have over mixed the cake batter?.....any input on this?). I'm very used to making chocolate zuchini cake (which is very fool proof and stays moist for a long time). I'm new to making sponge any suggestions about timing/freezing/storage time would be much appreciated! PS love the recipe though, it looked great and I loved the mousse!

Zahra  – (August 22, 2010 at 10:38 PM)  

@ Giro-

glad you liked it! :)

Yes sponge cake isnt as fool proof as one would like! I'm not sure whether it was in the process or not, but make sure you do not mix in the flour TOO HARD (just enough to mix it in!) or else it will deflate the cake and make it more rough.

As well, I find it helpful to add some syrup to it (as mentioned in the post) to make it more moist. Especially if you arent serving right away. There are two options: make a simply syrup (combine equal amounts of sugar and water and simmer...ex..1/2 cup of sugar + 1/2 cup water boiled over the stove top until the sugar is dissolved.)

Then just pour it over with a brush.

Option 2 is using a flavour of NATURAL juice (some juices have wayyy too much sugar added) that would match the cake you are making. Ex. Orange juice for orange mousse cake (though I would probably water it down a little)

Or for example, if making a coffee mousse cake use cold coffee :)

hope that helps!

Giro  – (August 24, 2010 at 12:53 PM)  

Thank you Zahra! I'll give it a shot the next time I make it! But I may have to try this coffee mousse cake you're referring too, thank you!

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