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Whipped Cream Rolls

I’ve been trying to go through all of the back log of recipes I’ve made and to start blogging about them. Last semester I was so very busy, but the few times I had a chance to bake I did. So I will probably be taking turns posting older and newer pictures and recipes. :)

I made these little delicious creamy rolls a few months ago, and let me tell you, they were amazinngggg! My parents (especially my mom love anything to do with whipped cream) and back when she was a little girl, she would eat these pastries back home in Iran. Let me tell you something, Iranians LOVE their whipped cream pastries. Like, every other street has at LEAST one bakery selling whipped cream pastries. Mmmm

I originally intended to make these with a sponge cake. But unfortunately, sometimes life gives you lemons, and then smacks you in the face. That’s what happened. And of course, when life smacks you in the face and throws you off the cliff, you get right back up right? Right. So I did. Only it smacked me down again. Ouch.

My first sponge cake burned and became dry and hard as a cookie! I have NO IDEA why, since I baked it at same temperature and same conditions as every other time. So, determined to make this with a sponge cake, I made a new batch and this time the cake turned out, well, like a cake, and not a piece of charcoal.

Great right? Not so fast. When I tried to peel the wax paper off the cake, half of the cake came with me. I was about ready to start pulling my hair out! Yes. Angry is an understatement. I had been in the kitchen for 2 hours, made a mess of a kitchen and had nothing to show for it. To add to that, it was getting dark soon and I was loosing precious daylight hours to photograph these babies.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I used a cake mix. * sigh *

Surprisingly though, it turned out pretty good :) So, that’s the way I’m going to give the recipe! (Using a cake mix made 2 rolls)


Whipped Cream Rolls


* Whipped cream → made from about a liter of cream. (click here for my detailed how to step to make home made whipped cream)
* a few tablespoons of icing sugar
* Cake mix and add ins as instructed by the cake mix box (ex. Eggs, milk)
* sliced and toasted almonds and/or chocolate sprinkles
* about 2-4 ounces of chocolate or cocoa powder to taste (if using)


1. Prepare the cake mix following the instructions.
2. Bake in a jelly roll pan if you have it, if not, use a 13×9x2-inch metal baking pan.
3. Once baked allow to cool slightly, just so that it doesn’t crumble when handling it, but make sure it doesn’t cool down completely. It needs to be slightly warm to work.
4. Then take a clean kitchen cloth and sprinkle a bit of icing sugar all over the cloth through a sifter, and lay the cake on top
5. Then, being very careful, and using the cloth, start rolling the cake.
6. Once completely cooled, allow it to sit until fully cooled (about 20 min)
7. Then carefully unroll and spread it with your whipped cream
(some variations would be to add jam or melt some chocolate and add to the whipped cream [or use coco powder] – I did both , 1 roll with just vanilla cream and one with chocolate!)
8. Carefully re-roll the cake
9. Spread the top with a layer of whipped cream, and sprinkle almonds or sprinkles on top
10. Slice into individual pieces and place inside cupcake wrappers, to make it easier to handle

I really loved how these turned out, they in theory shouldn’t be too hard to make, but the sponge cake disaster really set me back. However, the end result was fantastic, the cake didn’t last to see morning! This would make an excellent addition to a tea party or brunch! Overall, I would rate this recipe as 8/10 . It was really good :)

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B & D  – (January 17, 2010 at 9:41 AM)  

OMG!!! looks delicious!! nice recipe :)

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