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OMG! New Camera!


I'm the lucky owner of a brand spanking new Canon Digital Rebel Xs :D BOOYAHHH this just MAKES me wanna get into the kitchen and make some YUMMYNESS! lol

So yes....expect food updates regularly;) PLUS! I went grocery shopping with my mom i bullied her into buying everything i wanted :P

Oh! and I found this FABULOUS website! ...just looknig at all this amazing food and photography makes me wanna get into the kitchen!:D

I'm trying to REALLY get into the cooking thing...cause I love baking...but all that sugar aint good :P

soooo yah......

stay tooned ;)

Fresh Ingridients + NEW SLR Camera = LOTS OF FOOD! :)

Celeste  – (December 18, 2008 at 12:48 AM)  

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the site too...I always get excited when they accept one of my photos. Have fun with your baking/cooking...I love it!!!

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