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Hi all,

i am now officially FREE!:D though its weird...I dont feel free...I feel like i should be studying! :O lol anywho....I'm sure that will wear off soon ;)

but oh my goodnessss.....guess what I have decided? I've decided to start COOKING!! My thing is baking yummy sugary delights! But my parents are dying cause of all of it and claiming i'm making them fat (tech they are making themselves fat....Im not FORCING them to eat it!;)) But I've now decided to try to do some more cooking...we will see what happens!:D

I'd like to take pics...but I only have my point and shoot cam..:( So i MIGHT take pics.....but I'll def be taking more pics later of foods to come....cause i'll hopefully have an SLR CAMERA!! :D

Anywho....I should go back to my lunch makingness.....I'm making cauliflower soup with fresh rolls of bread...MMMMM

Heres the recipe's!
Cauliflower Soup
Bread Rolls

I'll post how it goes! :)

Edit: I made everything and mmmmm they are both keepers!:D the family loved the soup! (I was a bit full so I didnt have much....but I liked teh taste!:D and the bread is YUM...especially with some butter in between the hot die for! :D Anyways...I've been thinking bout making a list of things to I'll have a list up soon!:D **time to google**

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