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Daring Bakers - Fail

Oh, I thought I should post this up...even though Im not sure if we had to?

I tried making July's Daring Bakers....the Milano cookies? YAH. I MEAN EPIC FAIL COOKIES.

I was sooo excited about these things. Like....TOO excited.....then when Im all ready and made the creamy filling and am oh so ready for a bite of that yummy goodness....all goes wrong....NONE of my cookies would peel off!

I ended up biting off parts of the cookieinto my mouth...or scraping chunks of the wax paper with a spoon....*flinches*

I have no idea why it did this.....

It was an epic disaster...I was so sad. :( SO CLOSE. I was SO CLOSE to having my cookies...alas....thats the way the cookie crumbles this time I guess :/

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